Monday, July 02, 2012

Oh My God, Pole Dance!

Love the way i started the one leg invert! It was the trick i struggled with terribly nine months ago! At the moment you can see me struggling with the handstand. In time i'll get there =)

Before the climb at the end, i was already out of breath! 100% focused and it was so rewarding seeing myself spin past the mirror. Concentrated hard on each trick and executed them step by step =)

Love my Princess and my Mermaid. So pretty! These are two tricks from Level 3 (Level 3 performance click Here). I've come a long way!

From another angle Can you spot me??

Big thank you to the four friends who came to watch me perform! =)


sirène said...

POLE ROCKS!! more power to ya :D

Mrs White said...

Great job Sue Lin!
Work it girl!
That was awesome.
You ruled that pole!

Mrs White

Sue Lin said...

Thank you Sirène and Mrs White! Pole does rock! =) I'm gonna keep doing it and keep getting better!

Daniel Chew said...

Hmmm... pole dance. Any chance for me to get to watch u pole dance if you're back in Malaysia, =P~~~

Sue Lin said...

LOL, Daniel, i dont think so. No where to perform